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Loved at the forefront of street fashion, the BAPE STA™ was born in 2000 as the iconic sneaker that symbolizes A.

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Through collaboration with international brands such as Stüssy and adidas, BAPE SK8 quickly established itself as one of Japan’s leading cultural trendsetters.

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Discover our signature BAPE Shoes decked out in the original Ape Head, Tiger, Shark and BAPE Camo print. .



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Aug 4, 2020 · Focus Men's Aug 4, 2020 12:03PM EDT Clarks x BAPE Give the Classic Desert Boot a Twist For 70th Anniversary.
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Today, BAPE's iconic motifs appear on sneakers, apparel, bags, jewelry and more.

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A BATHING APE® leather low-top sneakers.

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A BATHING APE® leather low-top sneakers.



Colors BAPE STA Logo Tee.